About the Striders

We are a group of over 250 women of all ages from the Shuswap area who get together to engage in activities for physical and mental health, and an appreciation of nature.

Updates For Members

*Salmon Arm Fall Fair Parade-Sept 7 / RSVP by Sept 5 for lunch afterwards -- see calendar
*30th Anniversary Celebration-Oct 3

*30th Anniversary Dinner Ticket Sales: Aug. 28 & 29 / Sept 4, 5 & 12 - see calendar

What We Do

Our activities include walking, jogging, hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. Whenever possible we have two to three levels of difficulty in an activity. People who wish to go a shorter distance or at a slower pace may do so.

Become a Member

Join like-minded women from all over the Shuswap. Cost of membership is $15 per year. Click on Read More below for further information and/or to join.

Larch Hills Nordic Society

Salmon Arm Bay Nature Enhancement Society

Shuswap Tourism

Shuswap Trail Alliance


When asked “What does Striders mean to you”?, our members said

  • An opportunity to meet like minded women when new to the city.
  • Chance to become fit and have fun while doing it.
  • I can try new activities that I might not have done before.
  • There’s lots of laughter and comradery – love it!
  • Learning to walk as fast as I can talk.
  • It gives me the chance to enjoy walking while enjoying the company of other ladies involved in the same pursuit.
  • Striders is the best thing I ever did since I retired!
  • Even though I can’t hike like I used to, I can still stay connected with the social activities. I really enjoy the monthly breakfasts.




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