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Nancy Cooper Mayor's Message"This month I would like to bring up a few very important issues to our community. First of all Salmon Arm, you never cease to amaze me with your ingenuity.

During the recent education disruption I watched parents getting together, taking on the teaching role and tutoring their children.

Many parents contacted me asking that I contact our MLA on their behalf. Their message was simple. They understood there were complex issues and they were not taking sides; they just wanted their children back in school.

Now that a resolution has been reached and chilren are back to school, I suggested parents stay involved in their children's education. I say respectfully, I believe parents should be in the driver's seat when it comes to their children's education.

Next, I want to congradulate the Lady Striders organization. Lady Striders are celebrating their 25th anniversary of promoting fitness in the Shuswap! THey realized the benefits of fitness, friendship and fun for both our physical and mental health. They started what has proved to be a sustainable healthy lifestule by simply walking and later adding other forms of exercise and social connections.

With no external funding, they just do it!

Contratulations Lady Striders on 25 years of helping ladies fit in the Shuswap. I just love walking with you.

FInally, I want to thank our local RCMP for their hard work in keeping our community safe, and in the process reducing crime. Council appreciated Staff Sgt Keane's latest report showing a 14 percent crime reduction year over year. Thank you to each of our RCMP members, and congratulations on being nominated for a Crime Reduction award. I feel certain you will receive this much-deserved award."



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